Premium Infographic Design

Premium Infographic Design

Make Infographics a powerful content marketing tool for your business

Infographics are often used in successful online marketing campaigns because they have the ability to be a powerful marketing tool. When you design an infographic about a topic people care about, they can generate a buzz on social media, generating more shares and links for you. In order for an infographic to be successful, it needs to have interesting content that flows well, and a professional design that can retain the readers’ attention.

Most infographic designers will typically take your content and put together a mediocre design without putting much thought into it. Since they work so well, everyone is trying to take advantage of their effectiveness, resulting in a flooded market of amateur visual content.

You can see a sample of my infographic design here -

Full Content Marketing Research & Design Included

My Infographic Design Process

The content and design of your infographic share equal importance. You could have the best content in the world, but a lousy design will kill its potential. You could also have mediocre content that a masterpiece design wouldn’t be able to save.

When you order an infographic from NYC Serp, I make sure to handle everything from the content to the design. Once you approve the topic, I further research and map out the content for my designers. Upon completion, you will be presented with a stunning piece of visual content that you can use to attract links and social shares to help your website rankings increase, while driving quality referral traffic and links to your website.

Effective Link Bait To Drive Brand Awareness

The main reason why infographics are effective link bait is because other websites and blogs can publish them with ease. All they have to do is write up an introductory paragraph, copy and paste your share code, and viola, they now have a new blog post their readers will likely enjoy and share. More shares = free links to your website. You increase your chances of getting accepted on blogs by having a great looking infographic.

If your brand is ready to experience the benefit of a premium infographic design, fill out my contact form. I’d be more than happy to discuss how we can create an exceptional content marketing asset for your business.