Manual Outreach Service

Create More Brand Awareness for your business with Real Guest Posts on Real Websites

Getting a backlink from a website in the same niche as yours sends a trust signal to Google. If you want your website to rank higher in search, you’re going to need multiple links in order to push to the top.

Guest Posting allows you to present your knowledge about a subject on blogs that already generate traffic that may be interested in your topic. While several SEO agencies offer private blog network posts disguised as guest posts, NYC Serp's service is designed to get your website mentioned on niche relevant websites that generate real traffic. Spammy PBN links won’t generate any long term rankings, and will likely do more harm than good to your website. There’s also the risk of getting slapped with a Google penalty, which can kill your rankings overnight.

When it comes to link building, quality is key

My outreach service is a genuine outreach campaign designed to secure you high quality link placements for your website. I work to build relationships with bloggers and editors to create a custom piece of content and get it placed on some of the most popular sites you can think of.

Links are the number one ranking signal

My Outreach service creates a custom campaign to target authority websites in your niche. Having a unique approach to each campaign allows a higher efficiency rating in securing link placements for your brand. Instead of using a generic copy + paste outreach, I create a long-form piece of content that bloggers typically can’t resist.


  • How does it work?

    I create a custom piece of content under the bloggers guidelines. Once your guest post is published, I’ll send you a report detailing the metrics of your placement.

  • What is the typical turn around time?

    You could expect to wait around 15-20 days for the process to take place. Higher authority websites can take longer.

  • What Keywords should I target?

    The safest way to build brand authority is to use generic or branded anchor texts.