[ Infographic ] Local SEO – The Facts You Need To Know

The Facts You Need To Know About Local SEO

The purpose of Local SEO is to increase your search engine visibility. The higher you appear at the top of the search engine results page, the more likely it is that clients will find your business and use your products or services. Local SEO allows businesses to rank for targeted local keywords that will bring in new business and create brand awareness.

As you may know, Google always updates its algorithm to prevent low quality websites from appearing at the top of the serps. Google has made it known that starting in July 2018, mobile website optimization speed will become a ranking factor. This means that websites that aren’t currently optimized for mobile could experience a loss of rankings.

Once your website starts to rank locally, there’s a few methods you can use to increase your conversion rate to attract new clients. Check out this infographic from NYC Serp below for more details.

John Sottile Staten Island SEO Expert NYC Serp Infographic

Local SEO Infographic by NYC Serp


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